(2009) NJ Find-A-Ride Website

(2009) NJ Find-A-Ride Website


The NJ Department of Human Service contacted our partners at ENTCHEV.COM with the request to design a website which would be Bobby Approved (AAA and 508) and would be easy to use by people with disabilities who need to plan a trip from one place to another using special services which deal with people with disabilities. 

The project was subcontracted to us. The site was built with usability in mind, using a 3-tier architecture as required by the state and Bobby approved, so it could be easily access by text only web browsers, screen readers and people with low vision (hence the high-contrast color scheme). 

The backend includes a relational database which stores all the service providers’ details. An access  portal for services providers was created, as well as one for administrators, who could moderate and update service record submissions. Complicated mapping and scheduling algorithms were written in order to extract the correct information from the database and present it to the user in an easy to understand format. 

Update: The site has now been redesigned and now uses WordPress. We approve. 


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June 14, 2009