(2007) Lakewood MUA Website

(2007) Lakewood MUA Website


The Lakewood Township Municipal Utilities Authority came to our partners at ENTCHEV.com and asked for a redesign of their current website. The project was subcontracted to us. Even though we were not crazy about the “pipe” design, they really liked it, so we worked with it and did our best. It turned out well. 

We implemented the design into DreamWeaver templates, which would allow employees without extensive knowledge of HTML and web development to make updates without any possibility of “breaking” the design. Another benefit of using DreamWeaver templates is that they could use the much simpler Adobe Contribute to make the changes, rather than DreamWeaver, which can be intimidating for the inexperienced user. 

We also wrote some PHP based reporting scripts, which are still used to run daily queries on their payments database and send out an email to the parties interested in what payments were made during the last day.

Update: Our design has now been replaced by a more modern website. We approve.


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April 19, 2007