(2008) Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotary Club Website

(2008) Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotary Club Website


Emad Abou-Sabe, the President (at the time) of the Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotary Website, whom we had worked with before, decided it was time for the club to have presence in cyberspace, so he came to us for help. 

We worked with them to come up with a design they liked and then implemented it into DreamWeaver templates, which would allow club members without extensive knowledge of HTML and web development to make updates without any possibility of “breaking” the design. Another benefit of using DreamWeaver templates is that they could use the much simpler Adobe Contribute to make the changes, rather than DreamWeaver, which can be intimidating for the inexperienced user. 

The site is still maintained by us and hosted on our servers. 


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May 24, 2008