(2008) Virtual-Rehabilitation 2009 Conference Site

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(2008) Virtual-Rehabilitation 2009 Conference Site


After our successful collaboration on the conference site last year, the Virtual Rehabilitation Conference Committee (previously IWVR) came to us with the request to set up this year’s conference site as well.  We used last year’s DreamWeaver templates to save time and money. DreamWeaver templates allow committee members without extensive knowledge of HTML and web development to make updates without any possibility of “breaking” the design. Another benefit of using DreamWeaver templates is that they could use the much simpler Adobe Contribute to make the changes, rather than DreamWeaver, which can be intimidating for the inexperienced user. 

We also set up an instance of the OpenConf conference planning open source system, like last year, which allowed them to receive, review and accept abstracts electronically. The OpenConf system (PHP & MySQL based) was extensively modified by us to fit their workflow better. 

They were very satisfied with the quality service we provide and we have been responsible for their conference websites ever since. 


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November 19, 2008