(2012) Bright Cloud International Website

(2012) Bright Cloud International Website


BrightCloud International Corp are a research and development high-tech company with academic roots, as a spin-off of Rutgers University. Their experience and IP are in the fields of human-machine interface, virtual rehabilitation, remote rehabilitation and convergent therapy.

When the company was formed they chose us to take care of their web presence. As with most of our clients at the time we strongly recommended (and still do) using WordPress as the website platform. The numerous benefits it provides quickly convinced BCI that this was the way to go. 

Using the PageLines WordPress theme we developed this beautiful and efficient website for them. As with other WordPress websites it allowed for quick and easy updates and an easy and structured way of posting news items. Posting news regularly is incredibly important as it is one of the few ways of telling that a website is active and making it as easy as possible to do so was monumental.

BCI love their website and we continue to provide support whenever needed. 


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September 10, 2012